Food and Water Borne Illnesses

Food and water borne illness is caused due to the bacteria or virus in it. Many people fall sick when they take food or water which has virus or bacteria in it and this is called food poisoning. This food and water borne illness are not caused due to person contact but when take poisonous food which has bacteria in them. Some of the infections that are caused due to food and water borne illness are diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever, stomach gripping, dehydration, flatulence etc. But this food and water borne illness has never stated any death. Care should be taken if a person gets such illness is they should be provided plenty of fluids and no vaccines are yet found for this disease.

Food borne illness is caused due to eating food that is contaminated with bacteria and the most common cause of food and waterborne illness is harmful bacteria. Contamination occurs when they are grown, stored, harvested and even when it is cooked in the kitchen. The symptoms relating to this illness will remain for some hours or sometimes for more days; it means sometimes it might be mild or sometimes serious. Those people who are unhealthy and who doesn?t have immunity power are at a higher risk especially young children, carrying mothers etc... Food borne illness can be diagnosed through a laboratory test. Most of the cases reported for food borne illness is mild and can be treated by giving more fluid either orally or by IV fluid in order to replace the lost fluid from the body. If it is a severe situation the patient need to be hospitalized and mostly the main organ which will be affected in the human body is the kidney, but only if it is severe.

This food borne illness can be prevented by cooking the food properly and stored in proper temperatures so it doesn?t get contaminated. Some tips that are to be considered from avoiding such illness are when you reheat the food do it in  proper temperature, keep refrigerator cooling in correct temperature, keep the dish wash sponge neatly, keep your kitchen towel washed in hot water, never keep marinated food at room temperature store it in refrigerator. So food borne illness can cause organ destructions as well as chronic disorders like arthritis, kidney failure and so on. Raw and under cooked food, unpasturised milk and diary products, raw and under cooked eggs, contaminated water, raw and under cooked shell fish, are the main source of illness and  the  main symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain ......

Water is very important for your health and body and it covers more than 60 percent of the body?s weight, and each system of the body depends on water for its functioning. Millions of cases are reported daily due to water disease. Diarrhea illness can also cause from recreational water. Recreational water borne illness is caused by swallowing, breathing, or through contact with recreational water through the bacteria or virus in it. Some of the disease caused is vomiting, stomach upset, diarrhea, rashes in body, infections in ear, brain, eye and other organs of the body. Waterborne disease is those caused due to the use of water which is being contaminated by bacteria or virus.

Some of the water borne disease is hook worm infection, Ring worm and diarrhea, dengue, malaria, typhoid, hepatitis, cholera and many. To avoid this people have to improve the hygienic behavior. Contamination in water cause due to flood water, septic fields and through sewage pipes. The health department must inspect and take sample to ensure the water is safe to drink in order to prevent waterborne illness.


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