Tobacco Facts: Health problems

Smoking is injurious to health, even though it is practiced and seen, Cigars creates many health issue which sometimes lead to death. Smoking causes lung cancer that all might know very well, but it also leads to cardiovascular disease. The tobacco produces various toxins. Study reveals that smoking reduces life for seven to eight years. The nicotine content in tobacco increase the cholesterol level in the body which leads to cardiovascular disease. Than non smokers, smokers are likely to get cancers especially the mouth cancer. Tobacco smoking leads to serious health problems including respiratory and non-respiratory. Smoking is being tried first by most in the schooling and still this is yet continuing. Smoking is banned in public places but still it seen everywhere, it is not be shown in media as well. Once you start a habit of smoking then it is not so easy to stop as cigar contains nicotine which is highly addictive. Mostly people start smoking without any cause mainly before they reach the age of eighteen, so it is better not to try it out rather than going for it. The one who smoke first have a burning sensation, throat pain later i.e. tremendously it leads to health issues like heart problems, cancers. In united states study reveals that out of five case of death reported one is due to use of cigars. Smoking people tends to be less active than the others because cigar smoking is affecting lungs mainly.

Smoking leads to infertility also, women?s who are under treatment and are taking pills use cigars they have a higher chance of getting strokes. We can see problems in those who smoke like rashes in skin, bad breath, less active, risk of illness like cold, flu, allergy etc. It is not only cigars are been used for smoking, in the middle eastern countries hookahs are been used, they also cause health issues but some say as the smoke is passing through a pipe and takes time to pass along with water in it doesn?t create such issue, but it is not so. Another problem in hookah is that it is shared among many people so there is a chance of passing germs from one mouth to another through the pipe. The major cause of death in United States is heart attack and most of them are smokers. Tobacco includes more than fourty thousand chemicals which are hazardous to our human body, some of them are nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide etc, out of these more than fifty chemicals cause cancer. Many of them wants to move out from tobacco smoking but whoever has started smoking finds it very difficult to stop, it is because of the nicotine content in the tobacco which makes people an addiction to it. A person who starts smoking at a younger age is at a higher risk than the others and is facing more problems like wheezing, cancer, lung problems. Non smokers also faces risk like children when they are close to second hand smokers.

Smoking ultimately ends in several disease and this actually starts for people when they stop or quit smoking, some of major disease are, lung problems, cancer, heart attacks, HDL cholesterol, cancer in mouth, throat and ultimately effecting voice, Pneumonia etc. Smoking also affects babies before they are born, so carrying mothers if they smoke the baby is likely to gain less weight and ultimately to several complications at the time of delivery and the baby needs car in neonatal intensive care unit and finally many issues relatively and nursing mothers if they smoke also it is likely to affect the baby through the breast milk. Like smoking there is also chewing a tobacco which leads to mouth cancer and dental problems like loss of teeth, gums. So for a healthy life and to stay well it is better not to try cigars because once you start it is difficult to stop so better not to try once.


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